About The Riot


Welcome! Glad to meet ya.

If you’ve found yourself here, you’ve probably been searching for ways to:


Ditch the bustle and focus on the hustle.

Say no to the rat race and work in your PJs.

Stop the vloeking and have time for cooking.

Break free from the cubicle and work from the … loobicle. Zoobicle. Sofa.


You get the point, yeah?


You’re in good company.


“Who the heck are you and why are you good company?”

I hear you asking diplomatically.



My name is Shanna, and I’m rioting against the 9 – 5.

Quietly and non-violently, but rioting nonetheless.


I’ve worked:

as a draughtswoman,

as a graphic designer and typesetter,

as a proofreader,

as a basic life support medic,

in a bookstore,

in a print shop,

as a ticket seller at a mobile carnival,

as an English teacher as a foreign country,

as a freelance photographer,

as a videographer and editor,

as a transcriptionist,

as a writer.


If there’s one thing I know how to do – it’s making things work.


I dig life, and I’m not keen to let someone else control my time.


If you’re on the same page (mentally, ’cause obviously you are physically…) and you want to:


– Do what you love, in your own time

– Work from home

– Escape the trap of a corporate job before life escapes you


then you’re in the right place.


I don’t have this all figured out. I’m as new to blogging as can be, so you and I are going to fist bump, put our heads down, and leap into this new venture together.


So here’s the deal:


I’ll fill this these pages with tips, tricks, advice, stories, and resources to help you (and me) hit the ground sprinting in our quests to become freelance whateverers.


You fill in the necessary things and hit the inviting “Go!” button, so you don’t miss out on said tips, tricks, and resources.


Here’s to giving the rat race the finger and saying “Screw it!” to waking up early and building someone else’s dream.


Riot with me. 

work from home

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Thanks for rioting with me! You rock 🙂

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