Want To Know How I Make Money Online?


For those of us who wish to:

  • work from home

  • be location independent

  • spend our hours as we choose

  • earn a comfortable living

the idea that we can make money online is an alluring one.

The problem is … 

How do we know what’s legit, and what’s a scam?

It’s tough to figure out, and unfortunately, there are people out there who make their money dishonestly.

This usually leaves us with a healthy dose of scepticism, which is great for avoiding scams, but makes it easy to miss legitimate opportunities to make money online.

That’s where this post comes in. 

I’d like to share a site with you, and not just because it’s an honest way to make money online.

They provide incredibly comprehensive training, a website hosting platform, and perhaps most importantly, a community of amazing people who are doing amazing things.

Honestly, I have yet to find a negative side to being a part of this community.

Wealthy Affiliate is jam-packed with useful, easy to understand lessons on a variety of topics.

  • Creating a blog
  • Keyword research
  • Website hosting
  • Monetizing your website
  • Writing
  • Social Media
  • Marketing
  • Aaaand even more

It’s worth signing up just for the training they offer on all of the above topics.

They also offer:

  • Free starter membership
  • Live chat & support
  • Free domain hosting for Premium members
  • Up to 25 domains for Premium members
  • Constantly added and updated information on what’s going on in the online world

It’s led by two awesomely approachable and talented individuals (Kyle and Carson), who are happy to answer questions if you have them.

The rest of the community are equally as easy to speak to, and always have a word of advice or encouragement.

So, now that you know what WA offers, I’m sure you’re wondering how the money making part works.

And I shall tell you.

On top of the training, the content, the encouragement and the community of awesome people (can you tell I’m a fan?), once you’re part of WA you have the option to become an affiliate for them.

If you aren’t sure what that means, I’ll give you a quick explanation.

Type “Affiliate definition” into Google, and you’ll find out that an affiliate (in the noun form) is a person or organisation attached or connected to a larger body.

In a nutshell – being an affiliate of something means that you believe you endorse them, and boy, is Wealthy Affiliate worth endorsing.

So how does one make money through WA?

As an affiliate, you earn a commission every time someone signs up through your link.

WA offers some of the highest commissions around, and let’s face it, there’s so much value packed into their site that everybody who is interested in creating an online business should be a part of it.

Don’t just take my word for it though – research is queen, when it comes to online opportunities.

Find out as much as you can, read other reviews, Google it …

I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Done your research?

Like the sound of it?

Ready to get your hands on some of the best (and most affordable) online marketing training on the web?

Ready to take a step towards monetizing your website?

Check them out here, and let me know below what you think! 

Want to know the number one honest way to make money online, while learning all you'll ever need to know about digital marketing?

*This article contains affiliate links.

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